Documents for Contractors

​Herein are provided the Customer’s regulations, procedures, requirements and various forms. All/or part of these documents depending on the nature of the contract concluded with Service Provider/Work Executor shall form an integral part of the contract.

Every contract concluded with Service Provider/Work Executor specifies attachments mandatory for execution of the respective contract.

Document Title​ English​ ​Русский
​1. Contract Documents
General Terms and Conditions (GTC) of Contracts BS ranga LT-ENG 2022 10 27.pdfDownload
Contract Modification Form​s




​Mandatory contractual provisions​ Public Comapny's ORLEN Lietuva Mandatory Contractual Provisions.pdfDownload
Sample Form of Hardcopy Order (Purchase Order)​ 1-3_PO form.pdfDownload
​Sample Form of Electronic Order (Work Order) (M1) M1forma_ENG.pdfDownload
​Builders Requirements for Designing Reikalavimai projektavimo darbu atlikimui 2018-08-08_ENGL.docxDownload
​Annex No.1 to ​Builders Requirements for Designing Priedas 1.pdfDownload
​Annex No.2 to ​Builders Requirements for Designing Priedas 2 EN.xlsxDownload
​Annex No.3 to ​Builders Requirements for Designing Priedas 3 EN.xlsxDownload
​2. Settlement Documents
​Sample Form of Handover-Acceptance Statement for VAT Payers​ Download
​Sample Form of Handover-Acceptance Statement for non-VAT Payers​ Download
​Sample Form of Daily Costs Reports (only for Works performed on hourly/unit rate basis) Download
​Sample Form of Unit Rate Report​ Download
​​Sample Form of Contractors Material Consumption Sheet (RAN5)​ 2-5_CONTRACTOR_MATERIAL_CONSUMPTION_SHEET_FORM_RAN5.xlsDownload
​3. Technical Procedures
​Procedure for Acceptance of Electric Equipment as Fit for Service​ 3-2_PROCEDURE_FOR_ACCEPTANCE_OF_ELECTRIC_EQUIPMENT_AS_FIT_FOR_SERVICE.pdfDownload
Automated Control Systems Acceptance Testing Regulations​ 3-3_Automated_Control_Systems_Acceptance_Testing_Regulations.pdfDownload
4. Environmental Procedures
Waste management rules Atlieku tvarkymo taisykles_EN.pdfDownload
​Waste management plan Waste Management plan_ENG.docxDownload
​Regulations of Soil Management 4-2_Regulations_of_Soil_Management.pdfDownload
​5. Pass System Regulations
Pass System Regulations
Pass System Regulations.pdfDownload
Entry Permit Application Form 6. Request for Entry form.docxDownload
Vehicular Entry Application Form
7. Request for Vehicle Entry form.docx Download
Request for Photography and/or Filming Permit Form 8. Request for Photography, Filming Permit form.docxDownload
​6. Statement on Occupational Health and Safety Mutual Responsibility Limits
Statement on Occupational Health and Safety Mutual Responsibility Limits ​​Statement of mutual responsibility limits.docxDownload
​Annex 1 Statement of mutual responsibility_Annex_1doc.docDownload
​Annex 2 Statement of mutual responsibility_Annex_2.docDownload
​7. Other documents
​​Supplier Code of Conduct Code of conduct for ORLEN Group Suppliers.pdfDownload
​Corruption and Fraud Prevention Rules Corruption and Fraud Prevention Rules.pdfDownload
​Conflict of Interest Management Rules Conflict of Interest Management Rules.pdfDownload
​Declaration of Autonomy (template) Declaration of Autonomy (template).docxDownload
​Irregularity notification
​​Actual Data Report, Form M2 ​​
​Rules on Anonymous Reporting of Irregularities Pranesėju.apsaugos.taisykles.OL.EN.pdfDownload
​Report on aliens working in Lithuania Pranesėju.apsaugos.taisykles.OL.EN.pdfDownload
​Regulations on Accepting and Granting Gifts Regulations on Accepting and Granting Gifts.pdfDownload
​Regulations on Prevention of Mobbing, Discrimination, Harassment and Violence Regulations on Prevention of Mobbing , Discrimination, Harassment and Violence.pdfDownload​
​8. Requirements for contractors
​Requirements for contractors, performing maintenance, reconstruction, installation works at process unit EN1.pdfDownload
​Attachment No. 1 Rules for qualification test of welders EN2.pdfDownload
​Attachment No.2 List of documentation Priedas - Attachment 2 dok sarasas - list of documentation.pdfDownload
Forms to fill Priedas-Attachment 3.rarDownload
​9. Documents for Drivers
​Central Warehouse Traffic Scheme Centriniu sandeliu transporto judejimo schema. ENxls.pdfDownload
​Information Guidlines for Drivers A T M I N T I N Ė ang.pdfDownload

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