Occupational and Process Safety
Occupational health and safety is the priority area in the Company. Strong emphasis is put by the Company on strict compliance with occupational health and safety (OHS) requirements, modernization of workplaces, allocation of considerable funds for personal protective equipment and work clothing, as well as focusing on safety trainings, accident prevention and control over execution of the works performed.
In 2008, the Company was certified under OHSAS 1800:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certification standard (ISO 45001 from 2019) and was granted the certificate proving that the occupational health and safety management system of the Company complies with the best-practice standards.
With its Safety First Program introduced in 2012, more than 70 measures has already been introduced and successfully implemented in the Company to improve occupational health and safety as well as process safety through organization of monthly Occupational Health and Safety Days, introduction of Three-Level OHS Inspection System, Hazard Reporting System, OHS Motivation System, program for awarding the best OHS performers of the Company, Contractor Occupational Safety Program, etc. 
We pursue that Safety First becomes the Company’s mission and message rather than the title only, and reflects the overall approach of the Company and its employees to occupational health and safety. Through our long-lasting and consistent efforts, we aim at making the safe work trendy as well as creating the environment with increased safety awareness of the Company employees and contractors and their pursuit of the highest OHS standards.
With introduction of Safety First Program, the number of accidents in the Company has been declining steadily. The record-breaking safety indicators were reached in 2020: 702 days (or more than 7 million operation hours) with zero accidents including employees of both the Company and its contractors. 

To ensure a high level of protection for citizens, communities, property and the environment as well as protection against major-accident hazards, the Company implements and continuously improves its technological (or process) safety. Process safety is arranged in line with so-called Seveso-III Directive and taking into account the available best practice of other countries, and includes fourteen elements such as identification and assessment of process hazards and risks, change management, efficient management and supervision of mechanical equipment, incident investigation, process management, etc.

It has already become a tradition that every year we elect the contracting organization (hereinafter, the Contractor) which demonstrates the highest safety standards while working in our Company. The winner selected by the Company is the contractor with the highest OHS indicator under Public Company ORLEN Lietuva Regulations on Motivation System for Contractors in Occupational Health and Safety Area. This indicator consists of accident rate, process safety incident rate, violation rate and hazard reporting rate.


The SAFEST CONTRACTOR of 2020 was AB ORLEN Service Lietuva.    

 The SAFEST CONTRACTOR of 2021 was Nafto Sp. Z o.o. LT Division


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