ORLEN Lietuva produces high-quality products that meet requirements of clients both from EU member-states and other countries.

The Company is unceasingly perfecting the quality of its products and efficiency of processing. In 1995, production of leaded petrol was fully stopped; since 1996, winter diesel is produced; in 1997, production of JET A1 in full compliance with global standards was launched; in 1999, production of automotive petrol according to EN 228 and diesel according to EN 590 was started; in the beginning of 2003, high-quality arctic diesel (grades 1 and 2) was produced.

Currently ORLEN Lietuva produces:

  • Automotive unleaded petrol (95, 98);
  • Automotive unleaded petrol with bioethanol (95);
  • Diesel (summer, transitional and winter grades);
  • Arctic diesel (classes 0, 1, 2);
  • Diesel with FAME;
  • Dyed diesel for agriculture;
  • Dyed diesel for heating;
  • Dyed marine gas oil;
  • Dyed marine gas oil with FAME;
  • Dyed diesel with FAME for agriculture;
  • JET–A1;
  • Heating fuel oil;
  • Automotive LPG (winter and summer);
  • Household and commercial liquefied hydrocarbon gas;
  • Other LPG (propane/propylene fraction);
  • Paving, roofing bitumen;
  • Granular gaseous technical sulphur.


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