Elemental sulphur is a by-product obtained after removing sulphur compounds from petroleum products, followed by their further production into the elemental sulphur using Clauss process in Sulphur Production Unit.  The product is obtained by condensing sulphur from the gaseous phase to the liquid state, it’s subsequent cooling and, thus, generating into the high purity crystal sulphur. To ensure compliance with the applicable environmental requirements, liquid sulphur is granulated, supplying the customers with the final product in the form of sulphur pellets. Sulphur quality is defined by a number of quality indicators, with one of the most important being minimum purity of no less than 99.98 percent wt.

Another indicator defining the purity is ash content which shall not exceed 0.02 percent wt according to the standard.

The purity of the sulphur extraction is also characterized by the maximum permitted quantity of organic compounds, which is limited to 0.01 percent wt.

Impurity content is determined visually, while the water content shall not exceed 0.5 percent wt.

For bulk shipment of the granulated sulphur the hopper railcars are used.

The sulphur is used for production of sulphur acid and sulphate fertilizers, rubber vulcanization as well as in paper industry. In small amounts it is also used to combat plant fungal diseases in greenhouses. 

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