The only direct rail connection between Lithuania and Poland

Fully rebuilt, in 2015, both standard (1520 mm Russian and 1435 mm European) rail gauge infrastructure within Rail Baltica project.

It is the only operational terminal in Lithuania railway station with connected and ready-to-use both standard railway gauges for cargo reloading.

Easy connectivity for road transport:

  • only 25 km distance from Lithuanian-Polish borderline;
  • no urban-zone territory on the road;
  • 15 km from the European route Via Baltica (E67)

At the Crossroads of 2 Main Transport Corridors

2 strategic international transport corridors and their branches run across the territory of Lithuania:

the North-South Highway (E67 European route Via Baltica), connecting Scandinavia with Central Europe, and the East-West Highway (E28 and E85 roads, including the railway to the ports) connecting the Eastern European and Asian markets with the rest of Europe.

Rail Baltica to Integrate the Baltic States in the Western European Rail System

The rail line built as a part of Rail Baltica project using the most modern technologies will extend over the territories of the Baltic countries connecting them to Poland and Finland, and improve interoperability of the Central and Eastern Europe with Germany adding the rail connection to the available modes of cargo transportation.

Lithuania with its convenient geographical location plays an important transit country role as an important link between Western Europe and the markets of CIS, China and other Asian countries as it can offer an interoperable transport network of two railway gauges – Russian standard gauge (1520 mm) and European standard gauge (1435 mm).

Rail Baltica Infrastructure – a New Gateway to North Sea Ports

The part of Rail Baltica project implemented back in 2016 made the Lithuanian railway infrastructure an integral part of the Rail Freight Corridor North Sea – Baltic, known as Rail Freight Corridor No 8, connecting Lithuania with the most important North Sea ports.

Lithuanian Railway Network– Fully Integrated with All of the Neighbouring Countries

With 4 border-crossing stations with Latvia, 2 border-crossing stations with Belarus, and 2 border-crossing stations with Russia (Kaliningrad region), the Lithuanian rail system has only one border-crossing station with Poland and the rest of the EU. Before modernization of the railway infrastructure within the scope of Rail Baltica project, Klaipėda Seaport served as the main and only hub in Lithuania for reaching even the non-distant markets of Western Europe without transiting non-EU countries. Today, with an interoperable transport network of two railway gauges (1520 mm Russian standard gauge and 1435 mm European standard gauge, the movement of goods between Eastern Europe or Asia and Western Europe is possible by choosing the most convenient mode of transportation.




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