Each of us is a unique and important part of ORLEN Lietuva. By working together for the common objectives, we believe in every staff member and the team success.

Employees are one of the most important assets of the Company. Together we create an organization that is open-minded, respecting diversity, appreciating experience, skills and knowledge, and enabling further development as well as comprehensive response to any new challenges offered.

We provide the opportunity to excel no matter what gender, age, religion we are, what sexual orientation, ethnic background, or what views we may have, regardless of any disabilities or positions. We draw on the knowledge and experience of employees with a long-term work expertise and encourage them to act as mentors of their less experienced colleagues. We pursue the increase of potential growth and improvement of staff competences through vocational training support and other educational processes.

With one generation replacing another, we aim at ensuring the continuous functioning of our business processes, succession planning as well as assisting in development of equal career opportunities for the Company employees through staff development and retaining of the best. Being a part of the large international group makes it possible for employees to pursue international career. Building an attractive employer’s brand among new employees, broadening positive experience of candidates in recruitment processes, ‘Newcomer Days’, adaptation programs, cooperation with educational institutions, organized Refinery tours facilitate the smooth integration of new employees in the organization and their team.

Provision of feedback facilitates the sense of responsibility and the feeling of co-ownership in meeting the challenges faced as well as enables opening up to the different attitudes and approaches, thus enhancing employees’ innovativeness. Employee engagement and satisfaction surveys, Information Days, Expert Club, ‘HR Pulse’ intranet column, Best Employee elections and other HR tools  are the instruments for shaping the engaging work environment, which is based on the values, creativity, exchange of knowledge and experience as well as dialogue. Leadership and the true culture of cooperation, mutual respect and trust are the vital elements strengthening our culture of feedback.

We reject all forms of unequal and unfair treatment of our staff members on the grounds of age, gender, disability, race, convictions or views, nationality, ethnic origin, language, belief, religion, trade union membership, sexual orientation, social status as well as on the grounds of being employed for a fixed term or for an indefinite term or on a full-time or part-time basis. We have no tolerance for any conduct or actions with signs of mobbing, discrimination, violence or harassment, and ensure prompt response and elimination of any violations.

Ethics Officer elected by our employees provides consultations as well as training and outreach activities aimed at promoting the organizational culture and attitudes of the Company’ employees based on the Code of Ethics. Our goal is to ensure ability for all employees to perform their duties safely, in a friendly environment and the atmosphere of mutual respect.

We never give up, accepting new business challenges with courage, continuously looking for the best solutions, transforming, and advancing!

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