Collective Agreement is the key document establishing the relations between ORLEN Lietuva and its employees. This document regulates the procedure for conclusion, amendment and termination of employment contracts, organization of work and work remuneration, leave granting procedure, the principles of social partnership as well as establishes the internal work rules, and regulates occupational health & safety and material liability issues. Naftininkų Trade Union formed in the Company is recognized as the equal social partner of the Company.

On 28 December 2021, Collective Agreement was signed in the Company with its validity extended until the end of 2024. Collective Agreement, which is applied to all employees of the Company, establishes the package of additional benefits that include the increased annual holiday pay when taking annual leave, additional pay for the employees of retirement age terminating their employment contracts, bonuses for performance results of the Company and other bonuses, additional vacations and rest days, free transportation for employees to/from work by the established routes, health and life insurance, pension contributions to the 3rd pillar pension funds, as well as payments from the Social Needs Fund for Christmas gifts or Christmas events for children of the Company employees, sponsoring summer time activities (camps) for children of the Company employees, gifts or events for first-graders, support to individual employees in case of accident or other misfortune as well as other social guarantee payments and additional benefits.

Bipartite committees and commissions of the Company with their members, acting on a parity basis, being the representatives of the employer and employees delegated by the Trade Union bring benefits to both the employer and employees. Such form of the cooperation is one of the ways to exercise the right of the employees' representatives to information and consultations as well as encourage the contribution of the staff members to the efficient management of human resources.

 Currently, the following bipartite committees and commissions operate in the Company:
Occupational Safety and Health Committee, assisting the employer in ensuring healthy and safe work environment through discussing the relevant safety issues;
- Employee Affairs Committee, examining employees’ claims regarding establishment of key performance indicators;
- Job Evaluation Commission, established for job evaluation pursuant to the provisions of Collective Agreement;
- Social Needs Fund Committee responsible for administration of the Social Needs Fund resources.

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