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Public Company ORLEN Lietuva focuses on continuous modernization efforts to ensure the highest quality of its products and remain competitive in the extremely dynamic refining industry.
The innovations introduced by the company include not only the investments in new installations or human resources, but also new processes and technologies that require a highly skilled workforce. For the third year in a row (since 21 May 2018), AB ORLEN Lietuva has been implementing the project to improve professional qualifications of its employees thus facilitating, through innovations, the strengthened productivity of the company and the smooth realization of the pursued objectives. The project is financed by the European Social Fund.
More than 570 employees of AB ORLEN Lietuva have already participated in the project for the improvement of its employees' competencies under the Measure No 09.4.3-ESFA-T-846-01-0074 'Training for Employees of Foreign Investors' of the Operational Programme for the European Union Funds’ Investment in Priority Axis 9 'Educating the Society and Strengthening the Potential of Human Resources'. Nearly 30 trainings in different areas have already been organized, with the following topics covered:
-      Improving the skills of programming/servicing of automated process control system Modicon controllers;
-      Steel: marking/identification, and characteristics;
-      Thermovisual diagnostics improvement course;
-      Improving the skills of CADWORX use;
-      Oil industry operations and law;
-      Data management through ArcGIS;
-      Safe and defensive driving techniques;
-      Laboratory performance quality improvement;
-      Web application security and testing;
-      Administration of Microsoft SQL Server database;
-      VMware vSphere: installation, configuration and control;
-      Certified Ethical Hacker course;
-      Process risk management methods and their application for crude refining processes;
-      Improvement of power equipment operational control and maintenance processes;
-      Maximizing sales potential and working with key customers, and other topics.
A number of trainings are still planned under the project to be continued till 21st of February 2022, including the skills improvement course on the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) of the process automation system Foxboro Evo, basic course on crude oil processing technology for non-refiners to include 60 employees of the company, the courses for nearly 50 employees on atmospheric and vacuum distillation, residue deep conversion, hydrotreatment and catalysts, as well as MS Office and computer skills development, their application in the chemical industry, business English courses, etc.
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