Social Responsibility
​In our business, we follow the principles of business ethics and social responsibility. The Company is a member of the UN Global Compact and one of the founders of the National Network of the Socially Responsible Business in Lithuania.

The environment protection is one of ORLEN Lietuva’s priorities.
The Company allocates significant funds for implementation of environmental protection measures. ORLEN Lietuva closely cooperates with the Lithuanian and international companies in creating environmental programs. We are committed to compliance with all environmental requirements.

Occupational safety is our priority. By modernizing the work places, allocating significant amounts for individual safety gear, organizing safety training, implementing the accident prevention and work supervision, ORLEN Lietuva puts efforts to create a safe and healthy work environment.

ORLEN Lietuva is one of largest sponsors in Lithuania. Every year we sponsor a lot of sports, cultural, social, and environmental projects. We pay great attention to the needs of the local communities.

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