Environmental Protection in Būtingė Terminal and Pipelines
The state-of-the-art technologies, including the oil leak detection system, are applied at Būtingė Terminal.
Based on the environmental impact assessment studies, conducted by the international companies and Lithuanian scientists, a strict environmental protection monitoring program has been approved. This monitoring program serves as the basis for continuous environmental monitoring of the Būtingė Terminal operations. The monitoring results are presented to the general public every year.
In order to ensure appropriate response to possible contingencies, the Būtingė Terminal has the following equipment and conducts the bellow actions:
— Two tugboats, servicing the Terminal, have oil recovery equipment. In case of an oil spill, these boats would be able to promptly contain the spill and recover the released oil.
— If necessary, assistance of more ships could be requested, including the Klaipėda State Seaport Authority’s rescue vessel Šakiai.
— The specialists of the Būtingė Terminal Marine Operations Department conduct scheduled exercises and training in order to efficiently and promptly respond to any possible incident.
Currently, the Company operates and services approximately 500 km of crude oil and petroleum product transportation pipelines. The Pipeline Group employs the pipeline servicing specialists who are always ready to promptly respond to incidents on the pipelines.
The Company uses two methods to protect the pipelines from corrosion: passive protection, or bitumen or polymer coating, and active protection, or electrochemical pipeline protection.
The Company performs periodic internal inspections of its pipelines by internal pipeline diagnostic tools. Such inspections are conducted to identify pipeline geometry and wall defects: dents, mechanical damages, internal and external corrosion pits, laminations, and quality of transverse welds.
In summer 2000, the Company launched software for forecasting oil spread in rivers and ditches in case of possible oil spills; therefore, the emergency response groups are able to faster and more efficiently prevent the pollution spread and reduce the environmental damage.

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