Pollution Prevention Measures
·         Widespread air-cooled equipment (air coolers);
·         Closed-type petroleum product drainage systems;
·         High automation level and safe emergency shutdown system;
·         Process units equipped with a closed-type system that serves for product routing from vessels and pipelines to the flare system via pressure safety valves in case of excess of the allowable pressure;
·         Flare gas is accumulated to the gasholder and by means of compressors returned back to the refinery fuel network;
·         End seals applied in crude and petroleum product pumps;
·         Each light product storage tank is equipped with a fixed roof and internal floating pontoons with double seals. Storage tanks are coated to ensure light reflection coefficient above 70 %. These measures decrease air pollution more than 90 %. The requirements of Directive 94/63/EC are met;
·         Railway tank car and tank truck loading with light products is arranged by means of closed hermetic method capturing volatile organic compound vapor and afterwards recovering and returning back to the process;
·         Regular monitoring at industrial storm sewers. Control is to prevent petroleum product and other chemical material entering from the process units into sewage system. Some highly contaminated effluents (process condensate) are treated directly at the place of their formation in order not to contaminate all flow of effluents;
·         The electrostatic precipitator installed in Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit has considerably reduced the concentration of solids.

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