Placement of orders


Orders for testing shall be placed to Quality Assurance / Quality Control Center on the Client letterhead. Orders submitted by regular mail, in person, or by e-mail are accepted.
The order must include the following:
  1. Name of the petroleum product to be tested;
  2. Name of the requested test parameter and designation of the test method;
  3. Quantity of samples delivered;
  4. Time of sample delivery to QA/QC Center (sample to be delivered by Client);
  5. Means of communication preferred by Client for test results (regular mail, e-mail, fax, in person);
  6. Clients contact person and contact details (phone number, e-mail address);
  7. Clients consent to the application of the latest versions of test methods used at QA/QC Center for testing;
  8. Statement by Client of its guarantee to effect payment for test services within 15 days after the relevant invoice;
  9. Client's details for invoicing;
  10. Information regarding the disposal or return of sample remainder (at the Client's cost). Public Company ORLEN Lietuva sample disposal price is 30.00 EUR (net of VAT) per 1 sample.
Quality Assurance / Quality Control Center cooperates with its clients and offers the following services:
  1. Analysis of petroleum product quality parameters using the methods under QA/QC Center Price List;
  2. Test results are formalized by issuing Test Report;
  3. Test Reports may be delivered to Client in person, by e-mail, or regular mail, as requested in the specific order;
  4. Where requested by Client, Client may be allowed to witness the performance of the ordered tests in the premises of QA/QC Center, by ensuring, at the same time, non-disclosure of the tests performed for other clients;
  5. Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times. We commit not to disclose any information on our clients as well as on the tests results of any samples delivered for testing.
  • Sample remainders are not stored at Quality Assurance / Quality Control Center.
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control Center does not apply the rules of decision regarding the declaration of conformity to the specifications or standards.


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