Placement of orders


Orders for test services shall be placed to Quality Assurance / Quality Control Center on the Client letterhead. Orders submitted by regular mail, in person, or by e-mail are accepted.

For first-time order, please contact QA/QC Center staff (using contacts indicated below) to agree on the test.

The order must include the following:

1.    Name of test item (sample);

2.    Name of the parameter to be tested and the designation of the test method;

3.    Quantity of samples delivered;

4.    Time of sample delivery to QA/QC Center (sample to be delivered by Client);

5.    Means of communication preferred by Client for test results (regular mail, e-mail, personally);

6.    Client’s contact person and contact details (phone number, e-mail address);

7.    Client’s consent to the application of the latest versions of test methods used in the QA/QC Center for testing;

8.    Statement by Client of its guarantee to effect payment for test services within 15 days after the relevant invoice;

9.    Client's details for invoicing;

10.  Information regarding the disposal or return of oil product sample remainder (at the Client's expense). Public Company ORLEN Lietuva charges EUR 30.00 (net of VAT) for the disposal of one sample.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Center cooperates with its clients and offers the following services:

1.    Analysis of quality parameters of petroleum products, wastewater, soil, air samples using the methods under QA/QC Center Price List;

2.    Test results are formalized by issuing test reports;

3.  The QA/QC Center applies a flexible scope of accreditation and if the agreed orders of clients fall within the flexible scope of accreditation, the latest version of the test method currently used by the QA/QC Center is applied to the tests. Client is informed of the availability of the test reports with the accreditation symbol;

4.    Test reports may be delivered to Client in person, by e-mail, or regular mail, as requested in the specific order;

5.    Where requested by Client, Client may be allowed to witness the performance of the ordered tests in the premises of QA/QC Center, by ensuring, at the same time, non-disclosure of the tests performed for other clients;

6.    Confidentiality is guaranteed at all times. We commit not to disclose any information about our clients and tests results of any samples delivered for testing;

7.    If Client wishes to disclose the results of the tests, Client must inform and obtain consent from the QA/QC Center.


  • Sample remainders are not stored at the QA/QC Center;
  • QA/QC Center does not apply the decision rule for statement of conformity to a specification or standard; 
  • The QA/QC Center carries out tests for test items listed in the price list (no experimental tests are performed);
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Center does not perform the sampling of test items specified in petroleum product and environmental test pricelist. ​



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