​The Mazeikiai Refinery, whose first refining complex was put into operation in 1980, is situated in the North-West of Lithuania, not far (about 90 kilometers) from the terminals in Butinge, Klaipeda, and Ventspils.

The design capacity of the Mazeikiai Refinery is 10 million tonnes of crude oil per year. Given the existing technologies and current marketing conditions, the efficient refining volume is 8 million tonnes a year. In order to utilize the refining capacities more efficiently, the Mazeikiai Refinery also processes other feedstock including gas condensate, fuel oil, and middle distillates.

Until July 2006, the primary feedstock processed by the Mazeikiai Refinery was Russian crude oil shipped by the trunk pipeline system Druzhba. These supplies were supplemented by crude oil and other feedstocks delivered by railway. Mazeikiu Nafta also purchases for the Refinery truck shipments of crude oil produced in Lithuania. Currently the main deliveries of crude oil to the Mazeikiai Refinery come via the Butinge Oil Terminal.

Processes and technologies applied by the Mazeikiai Refinery allow the company to produce a wide and flexible range of high-quality refined products that meet standards of the countries in which we operate. ORLEN Lietuva is constantly improving the facility’s refining and economic efficiency—light refined products yield is now 72.5 percent compared to 68.9 percent in 1999.

In 2000, the Company launched a comprehensive modernization program aimed at achieving future EU fuel quality requirements, increasing flexibility of operations, improving refining efficiency, and reducing operational costs.

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