New railway connection between Refinery in Mažeikiai and Ukraine


ORLEN Lietuva owned by ORLEN Capital Group launches the new rail connection with Ukraine. The route passes through Poland and is an alternative to the current link across Belarus. The first shipment of petroleum products has already been delivered to the clients in Ukraine.
In February this year, the rebuilt line connecting Mažeikiai with Rengė in Latvia was opened. The section of approx. 20 km used for petroleum product export to the Latvian and Estonian markets was dismantled in 2008. In recent years, the route longer by approx. 150 km was used for deliveries, making the logistics operations more difficult.
Refinery in Mažeikiai operated by AB ORLEN Lietuva is the only refinery in the Baltic States. The company constitutes a key component of ORLEN Capital Group securing petroleum product supplies to the markets of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, and Poland. It is also one of the main profit generating companies within ORLEN Capital Group making a significant contribution to the energy security of the region. Profit generated by the company over the last 4 years amounted to 2.3 billion PLN.
AB ORLEN Lietuva is of major importance on the Lithuanian economy. It is the largest company with about 1.5 thous. employees, of which more than 90 % are the residents of Mažeikiai and neighboring areas. It is the largest taxpayer in Lithuania with its share of national budget contributions reaching 15 percent approximately.

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