Būtingė Terminal Serviced 1,000th Tanker


ORLEN Lietuva Būtingė Oil Terminal at the end of August serviced the 1000th tanker. The tanker Atalandi, sailing under the Greek flag, brought a cargo of almost 100,000 tons of crude oil.
Since 1999, Būtingė Terminal has transshipped about 95.4 million tons of crude oil, including about 57.7 million tons of imports, and about 37.7 million tons of exports. Almost 99 per cent of the handled crude oil has been the Russian REBCO. The Terminal has also lifted Iraqi Basra Light, Columbian Castilla, Norwegian Flotta and Volve, Venezuelan Mesa 30 and Angolan Oil Blend.
Būtingė Terminal has been ORLEN Lietuva’s only route of crude oil deliveries to the Mažeikiai Refinery since closing of the Druzhba pipeline in 2006.
In order to retain ORLEN Lietuva’s competitiveness on the global markets, it is necessary to further reduce the logistics costs associated with transportation of products to the marine terminals. One of the most important initiatives would be the construction of a product pipeline from the refinery to the Baltic Sea coast.
The first tanker, called at the Terminal, was the Greek-flag Centaur, which was loaded 68,544 tons of crude oil in July 1999. The largest tanker to have called at Būtingė was the 149,999 DWT vessel Front Birch, sailing under the Norwegian flag. The largest volume of crude oil loaded onboard was 135,685 tons and was shipped onto the tanker Mastera.
Būtingė terminal has been not only the first gate to the Lithuanian energy independence, but also an important source of revenue for the Palanga municipality. Since 1999, more than 56 million litas in real estate and land taxes have been transferred to the budget.
In 2006-2012, ORLEN Lietuva’s tax contributions to the national budget, including the social insurance tax, amounted to LTL 10.66 billion.

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