Winter Diesel Produced at Mazeikiu Nafta Meets All Quality Requirements

13-12-2002  News

​MAZEIKIAI—Mazeikiu Nafta has received inquiries about the quality of winter diesel fuel and would like to inform its customers that all of the products of Mazeikiu Nafta including winter diesel fuel meet all quality requirements in accordance with the specifications established by the market authorities. Mazeikiu Nafta started marketing winter diesel in Lithuanian market from November 15.

According to Thomas Schneider, the acting General Director of Mazeikiu Nafta, “All of our products leave the refinery with a certificate of quality and we are fully responsible that our products correspond to the requirements of Lithuanian standards.”

Schneider noted, that the Lithuanian standard requires the filtration temperature minus 26 degrees Centigrade for the winter diesel fuel marketed in Lithuania—this requirement has direct impact on the operation of a diesel engine.

“Lithuanian standards for oil products are designed for the specific climate zone the country is located in. Any of the market players is free to import other diesel from the European and Scandinavian producers with no import taxes. Lithuanian end users expect to pay a fair price for a quality of diesel meeting all local requirements, and we certify every day that our products meet those standards,” added Schneider.

Date: December 13, 2002
Contacts: Tadas Augustauskas
Mažeikių Nafta
Tel.: +370 443 9 26 08
Fax: +370 443 9 25 79

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