Refinery upgraded its storage facilities


Modernization of 25 petroleum product storage tanks was completed this month as planned, by replacing breathers and safety relief valves for the storage tanks of the Refinery.
The contract under the project for replacement of breathers and safety relief valves of the Refinery petroleum product storage tanks to reduce emissions of non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC) has been concluded with the Environmental Projects Management Agency following the applicable legislation of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania. The contract for financing the project from the Lithuanian Environmental Investment Fund (LEIF) was concluded under LEIF Programme 2021 Axis 3.2.2 (Protection of Atmosphere) ‘Projects for implementation of measures reducing emissions of non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOCs) in business activities’. The subsidy amount set in the contract on the basis of LEIF Programme criteria was maximum 70 percent of eligible expenses.
The need for replacement of breathing equipment for the storage tanks resulted from wear of valve internal components caused by valve housing damage by corrosion.
New pressure/vacuum relief valves (PVRV) and emergency pressure-vacuum relief valves (EPVRV) meeting the latest standards have been acquired to ensure adequate implementation of the project. New 43 breathers and 25 safety relief valves have been installed to replace old 52 breathers and 16 safety relief valves. This will result in significant reduction of volatile organic compound emissions from the upgraded storage tanks and allow ensuring safe operation of the storage tanks. As a result of such new equipment, NMVOC emissions are forecasted to decrease by 25% approx., i.e. by about 290 t/year.
Installation of this new equipment ended the first phase of the project. In order to qualify for financing from the Lithuanian Environmental Investment Fund and successfully complete the first phase of the project, extensive preparatory works have been undertaken by many organizational units of the Company, with numerous documents filed, calculations and measurements performed, new breathing equipment assessed and selected as well as procurement procedures carried out, and installation works completed for this purpose. The work we performed enables keeping the environment cleaner and safer.
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