Public Company Mazeikiu Nafta changes the name to Public Company ORLEN Lietuva

02-09-2009  News

On 1 September 2009, the Register of Legal Entities of the Republic of Lithuania registered the new name of Public Company Mazeikiu Nafta now being Public Company ORLEN Lietuva.

Decision regarding change of the Company’s name was made on 7 July 2009 by Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A., the sole shareholder of Public Company Mazeikiu Nafta.

Change of the name is the consistent and sound step of PKN ORLEN S.A. and is incompliance with PKN ORLEN S.A. Group policy providing for change of the names of all companies within the Group where the Concern is the main shareholder. After acquisition in December 2006 of almost 90 percent of the shares of AB Mazeikiu Nafta, PKN ORLEN S.A. became the sole shareholder of the Company in April 2009.

The new name of the Company will allow its better identification with ORLEN Group and ensure smoother, clearer and simpler communication and cooperation with the consumers of the Company’s products both on the wholesale as well as retail markets.

“The change does not only mean the replacement of signboards. The new name gives a sense to the changes in the Company – organizational and process changes, new operating units as well as the quality of our products evidence the maturity achieved by the Company” – told Krystian Pater, General Director of Public Company ORLEN Lietuva.

Change of the Company's name is followed by the change of the brand. From now the new logo of the only refinery in the Baltic region features stylized image of eagle with the red ORLEN inscription and Lietuva written in silver.

ORLEN Lietuva brand is known in Lithuania for several years. Fuel stations network under this brand is operated by the Company through its subsidiary AB Ventus-Nafta.

We would like to note that this is the change of the Company’s name only (without its reorganization). Legal entity code, VAT payer code, legal address and other details of the Company shall remain the same, the Company continues its business activities, and all rights and obligations of the Company are respectively continued.

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