PKN ORLEN and Lietuvos Geležinkeliai agree to boost cooperation


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14 August 2018, Mažeikiai

On 14 August, President and CEO of PKN ORLEN Daniel Obajtek and General Director ofLithuanian Railways (Lietuvos Geležinkeliai) Mantas Bartuška signed the agreement to extend cooperation between the two companies. They have also symbolically launched the commenced reconstruction of the railway section to Renge.

By the agreement signed in Mažeikiai, the Lithuanian subsidiary of ORLEN Group has declared its willingness of further close partnership with Lithuanian Railways. Simultaneously, both parties have committed to extend their cooperation in the area of freight carriages in the direction of Poland. ORLEN Lietuva intends shipping several hundred thousand tons of its products in this direction per year, thus ensuring the operational flexibility of ORLEN as well as securing supplies of fuel for Polish market.

'ORLEN Lietuva is a strategic company for the entire region. Thus, it shall develop further to achieve its full potential. Today's decisions and declarations reinforce the coherent vision of the company's future development. Close cooperation between PKN ORLEN and its partners in Lithuania will be of real benefit for all the parties', said President and CEO of PKN ORLEN Daniel Obajtek.

He also pointed out that current good relations between the companies are a perfect reflection of good relations between Poland and Lithuania creating an excellent basis for the supporting environment which is very important in business.

'Today's agreement constitutes the common success of effective mutual cooperation. ORLEN Lietuva is one of the most important clients for Lithuanian Railways, whereas for the Refinery it is crucial to secure reliable logistics services. Thus, it is in the mutual interest of both parties to develop and open up the new business directions and find mutually acceptable business solutions', told Mantas Bartuška, General Director of Lithuanian Railways.

CEO of PKN ORLEN Daniel Obajtek and General Director of Lithuanian Railways Mantas Bartuška have jointly placed a symbolic rail on the track of the reconstructed railway section from Mažeikiai to Renge in Latvia. After ten years since the closure of the track, the refinery will again have the shortest way for delivery of its products to Latvia and Estonia. It is of crucial importance, since up to 20 percent of the products from Mažeikiai Refinery are sold on the markets in the locations to the north from Lithuania.

'I am very pleased that today we can talk about the strengthening partnership and new opportunities. Behind is the 'Renge' history' having undermined the relations between the companies for a number of years. Lithuania has committed to reopen the rail traffic in Renge direction; and today we have re-affirmed this commitment', told Minister of Energy Rokas Masiulis during his visit in Mažeikiai.

ORLEN Lietuva operating the Refinery in Mažeikiai is one of the largest customers of Lithuanian Railways. The volume of ORLEN Lietuva products transported by Lithuanian Railways reaches about 9 million tons annually.

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