Oil Spill Contained During Recovery Operations on Birzai Pipeline System

29-07-2002  News

​MAZEIKIAI (July 29, 2002)—At 9:30 this morning a pipeline rupture occurred on Mazeikiu Nafta's Birzai pipeline system at the 186th kilometer of the Novopolotsk–Ventspils pipeline. An undetermined amount of crude oil was spilled. No injuries were reported.

Throughout the day, Mazeikiu Nafta emergency personnel and local emergency response authorities implemented measures to minimize the impact of the spill on environment and control the spill. All relevant institutions and agencies were informed according to the company’s emergency response plan.

According to Tom Schneider, general director of Mazeikiu Nafta ” Mazeikiu Nafta's emergency personnel have stopped the leakage of crude oil remaining in the pipeline and have begun recovery operations. The pipeline was not in operation during the accident and we hope to finish recovery work by the end of the week.”

Tom Schneider noted, that the emergency team is planning to work in three shifts to fix the pipeline and to collect the released oil and contaminated soil.

The actual amount of oil released and the cause of the rupture will be determined by a special commission of Mazeikiu Nafta's specialists.

Date: July 29, 2002
Tadas Augustauskas
AB Mažeikių Nafta
tel. 370 93 92608
fax 370 93 92579

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