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ORLEN CG responds actively and contributes to prevention of the spread of COVID-19. In May, nearly 6 tons of personal protection equipment (safety masks, face shields, overalls) reached ORLEN Lietuva from Poland.  The biggest part of this batch was distributed as support. On 20 May, Mr. Michal Rudnicki, General Director of ORLEN LIetuva, together with his Advisor Mr. Filip Pieczynski handed over personal protection equipment to three support recipients, namely Health Emergency Situations Centre of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania, Šalčininkai District Municipality Hospital, and Hospice of Blessed Priest Mykolas Sopochka. 
Early morning, the first part of support (12'000 safety masks, 2'000 safety overalls, and 300 face shields) was delivered by ORLEN Lietuva to the Hospice of Blessed Priest Mykolas Sopochka.  Sister Michaela Rak who greeted the arrival kept talking about humanness. 'What happened today means a special sacrifice by the people from ORLEN. ORLEN has a face of humanity: a human face full of compassion and ready to stretch a helping hand; a heart willing to give and sacrifice. This is one more day when we care and share,' said in gratitude Sister Michaela showing around the premises of hospice established near the Gate of Dawn in Vilnius. ‘I want to use this moment to say thank you. Protective equipment and disinfectants delivered by you today will help us in our daily service; to have healthy doctors, health volunteers, and healthy medical staff. This will allow us to continue helping those in need.'
Further, around noon, minivan from ORLEN LIetuva has arrived at Šalčininkai. The freight from the border with Latvia where ORLEN Lietuva is established has travelled to another border of Lithuania - with Belarus.
'ORLEN Lietuva delivered 15'000 safety masks to Šalčininkai District Municipality Hospital. Šalčininkai is the most remote area from Mažeikiai District where our company is located. We want to show that we care about entire society of Lithuania.  Whenever we can, we want to share and help,' said Mr. Michal Rudnicki, General Director of ORLEN Lietuva.

The management of the Company was greeted by Mr. Zbigniew Siemenowicz, Director of Šalčininkai District Municipality Hospital. 'This support is really meaningful for us.  Regional hospitals have a lot of problems. This support will allow to save and to protect our people. In these hard times, especially for medicine, it is so good when someone remembers us too.  This is first support related to Poland. I am especially happy about this relation that started with ORLEN Lietuva and its owner PKN ORLEN. I see that ORLEN is strong not only financially and economically, it also has big heart,' said Director of the Hospital Mr. Siemenowicz.
On 20 May early morning, a third batch of support weighing even 3.6 tons left the refinery of ORLEN Lietuva in Mažeikiai, the only refinery in the Baltic States, by transport specially ordered for this purpose – it carried 1 million certified safety masks for protection against COVID-19. In the evening, this freight was unloaded in the warehouses of Health Emergency Situations Centre. 
'On Wednesday safety masks reached our warehouses. Limited availability of personal protection equipment is a global challenge. Therefore this support for us is so valuable. It will help to protect our medical staff which is in front lines in this battle with coronavirus and our people who are exposed to the risk of infection,' thanked for solidarity, approach and engagement Vice-Minister of Health Mr. Algirdas Šešelgis accepting the freight together with the Head of Health Emergency Situations Centre  Mr. Olegas Sitnikovas. 'Our Center is in charge for refurbishment and management of state medical reserve. Personal protection equipment delivered by ORLEN Lietuva in support to us is very important to entire medical community,' said Mr. Sitnikovas stressing out that it is necessary to be prepared for the second wave of COVID-19.
Mr. Michal Rudnicki, General Director of ORLEN Lietuva, pointed out to the representatives of the Ministry of Health that responsibility is among key corporate values of ORLEN Lietuva. 'Today, in this difficult period of pandemic, we feel responsible not only for our employees but also for all people of Lithuania,' said Mr. Rudnicki. 'I want to thank everyone who contributed to this project. And in particular to colleagues from ORLEN Lietuva who organized delivery of support and our sole shareholder PKN ORLEN and its President Mr. Daniel Obajtek for support of this initiative and friendship with Lithuania.
On 26 May, one more batch of 100'000 safety masks will be delivered to the fourth support recipient – Mažeikiai District Municipality. Municipality and non-profit organizations are in cooperation with Company for several decades already in different social, cultural, educational and sports projects. ORLEN Lietuva which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year pays a lot of attention to local community. 
Follow the links to see videos about this support project: video1,video2
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