Mazeikiu Nafta Plans Butinge Terminal Inspection and Maintenance

24-07-2002  News

​MAZEIKIAI — On Monday, July 29, Mazeikiu Nafta will start scheduled offshore equipment inspection and maintenance at its Butinge export terminal.  The inspection and maintenance work will meet requirements for an annual inspection at the terminal, as well as those for for a five-year inspection, though the terminal has been in operation for only three years.

The Butinge terminal will be closed during inspection and maintenance work, which is expected to take no more than ten days, weather permitting.

Mazeikiu Nafta's specialists along with representatives of the terminal's hose and buoy manufacturer, Lithuanian State technical supervision inspection representatives, and an inspector from the American Bureau of Shipping will offer oversight to maintenance work and provide quality assurance.  Crews of Mazeikiu Nafta’s contractor Smit Octo vessels and a special diving support vessel will perform the inspection and maintenance.

According to Tom Schneider, general director of Mazeikiu Nafta, “The annual inspection and maintenance is a very important issue assuring stable terminal work. It is one of the precautionary measures Mazeikiu Nafta applies to assure the maximum safety of loading operations at the Butinge terminal.”

“Mazeikiu Nafta's clients were informed about the scheduled inspection and repair works in advance, in order to coordinate tanker loading schedule changes for exports through the Butinge terminal,” added Schneider.

Butinge has exported over 2.7 million tons of crude oil over the first seven months of 2002.

Date: July 24, 2002
Tadas Augustauskas
AB Mazeikiu Nafta
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fax 370 93 92579

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