Mazeikiu Nafta Offers High Quality Arctic Diesel Fuel

14-11-2003  News

MAZEIKIAI — Upon coming into effect of the obligatory requirements for the quality of petroleum products and liquefied fuel, Mazeikiu Nafta offers its consumers high quality Arctic Grade 2 diesel fuel available for winter period starting November 16 to March 15.  This high quality diesel fuel is also offered for Latvian and Estonian drivers. Pilot batch of Arctic Grade 2 diesel fuel was produced by Mazeikiu Nafta in February 2003.

Arctic Grade 2 diesel fuel has properties, which allow it to perform at very low temperatures in the range of  -32 degrees.  Arctic diesel fuel has no fraction, which is characterized by considerable part of high-crystallization paraffin hydrocarbons of high molecular mass. Absence of this fraction prevents filters from plugging.

“We are convinced that our Arctic Grade 2 diesel fuel will satisfy the most demanding drivers”,—noted P. Nelson English, General Director of Mazeikiu Nafta.

Quality Analysis Center at Mazeikiu Nafta indicates that Arctic specification diesel fuel meets requirements for a fuel of diesel engines of the latest generation.  

Refined products produced by Маzeikiu Nafta are marketed by its wholly owned subsidiary Маzeikiu Nafta Trading House.

Date: November 14, 2003
Giedrius Karsokas
AB Mazeikiu Nafta
tel. +370 610 65298
fax +370 443 92579

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