Mazeikiai Refinery Back Onstream with New Projects

09-05-2003  News

MAÞEIKIAI — This week Маzeikiu Nafta has completed the planned maintenance turnaround of its Mazeikiai Refinery and the facility is currently running at its usual capacity. During the turnaround Mazeikiu Nafta employees and specialized contractors performed a number of projects of complexity levels various including those envisioned by the Refinery Modernization Program.

Lithuanian contractors and Mazeikiu Nafta employees did around 90 percent of the work, with the remaining 10 percent performed by foreign contractors. 

One of the major projects executed during the turnaround was integration of the PENEX Isomerization Unit into the main refinery process. Commissioning of this unit will allow Mazeikiu Nafta to considerably improve the quality of refined products. The Unit along with the PENEX feedstock preparation scheme are to be commissioned by the end of July. 

Suspension of regular refinery operations allowed for switching to a new highly effective products blending scheme ensured by the Gasoline Blending Station. This project will allow Mazeikiu Nafta to optimize blending processes and promptly respond to changing market needs. 

According to P. Nelson English, General Director of Маzeikiu Nafta, “We used the opportunity of this turnaround, which was performed in accordance with the best industry practice, to smoothly integrate the PENEX Isomerization Unit and Gasoline Blending Station to the refinery process scheme and make a huge step in improving products quality and enhancing the Refinery’s operational flexibility and to prepare the Refinery for longer runs between turnarounds”. 

Prior to the undertaking, Mazeikiu Nafta had stockpiled all types of refined products in sufficient quantity and was meeting all regular market demand for the whole period of the maintenance turnaround.

Date: May 09, 2003
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AB Mazeikiu Nafta
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