Mandatory requirement to wear protective mask or respirator in the territory of ORLEN Lietuva


On 8 April 2020, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania extended quarantine for two weeks.Some stricter requirements have been introduced: from now, masks/respirators are not just recommended but must be worn.
Pursuant to such arrangements of the Government, Emergency Operations Center of the Company decided to introduce mandatory requirement to wear protective mask or respirator on entry to and during presence in secured facilities of the Company (excluding presence in offices, control rooms) in contact with other persons. This requirement comes into force from 10 April at 7:00 AM.
Those who do not have mask/respirator, may cover mouth and nose with scarf or other available barrier. Protective gloves are recommended. Occupational and Process Safety Control Department will control how these requirements are observed. Failure to comply will be qualified as OHS violation.
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