Historical 145 km journey will start in August



In August of last year, the construction of new Residue Conversion Unit (RHCU) was started in crude refinery of ORLEN Lietuva. After a year, the biggest Polish capital investment in Lithuania is gaining its momentum – at the beginning of August reactor designed and fabricated for RHCU will reach Klaipėda.

Upon arrival on ship to Klaipėda stevedoring company BEGA, reactor fabricated in Italy will be unloaded onto 88 axle modular trailer arrangement. Historical logistic project – transportation of nearly 1500 t freight from Klaipėda to Mažeikiai District – will be executed by company Mammoet. Total weight of freight with trailers will be around 2200 tons, the length of trailer arrangement with reactor will be 93 meters, height of reactor 10.5 meters, and width 6.5 meters.

This heavy cargo for new RHCU constructed in the only crude oil refinery in the Baltic States will be transported around two weeks during dark hours at average speed of 3 kilometers per hour. Historical journey from Klaipėda to Mažeikiai District will start at midnight between 5 August and 6 August.  Spectacular freight will be transported on Klaipėda, Kretinga, Skuodas and Mažeikiai regional roads.

On 3 August, before the freight starts its historical journey, press conference will be held in Klaipėda stevedoring company BEGA. During the conference, representatives of mass media will have an opportunity to learn more about this large-scale project, including detailed transportation route, technological solutions of this unique logistic project, significance of new RHCU construction project to the economy and energy security of entire region. Press conference will start at 3:00 PM.

Media representatives planning to visit the press conference are requested to agree participation with ORLEN Lietuva Press Officer Kristina Gendvilė by 5:00 PM of 2 August 2023. Registration to be made by e-mail: kristina.gendvile@orlenlietuva.lt or mob. tel.: +370 620 38049 with indication of full names, date of birth, and the represented mass media.

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