Маzeikiu Nafta to upgrade refinery operations

28-03-2003  News

MAÞEIKIAI – Маzeikiu Nafta will be starting a planned maintenance turnaround of its Mažeikiai Refinery on March 30, and expects to complete it within approximately 43 days. The purpose of this undertaking, which includes a number of projects of various levels of complexity, is to ensure optimal operations of the Refinery for the roughly three years until the next major turnaround, as well as to make final preparations for the start-up of several major projects under the Refinery Modernization Program.

According to P. Nelson English, General Director of Маzeikiu Nafta, “This is quite a unique maintenance turnaround for the Mazeikiai Refinery. This effort will include both regular maintenance operations using the most advanced international practice, and work under the Modernization Program that will further improve the quality of the company’s products in order to comply with the latest European standards and enhance the Refinery’s operational flexibility”.

Маzeikiu Nafta will use a combination of its regular workforce and specialized contractors to carry out the actual turnaround work. It is planned that Lithuanian contractors and Маzeikiu Nafta employees will do around 90 percent of the work, with the remaining 10 percent to be performed by foreign contractors.

P. Nelson English adds that refined product supplies to Маzeikiu Nafta’s customers will not be impacted in any way by the maintenance operations. He explains that “the company has stockpiled all types of products in sufficient quantity to meet all market demand for the duration of the turnaround.”

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