Маzeikiu Nafta produces environmentally-friendlier gasoline

23-10-2003  News

VILNIUS—This week, Маžeikių Nafta Trading House began replacing shipments of A 95 grade gasoline in the Latvian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian markets with a more environmentally friendly 95-octane gasoline that meets all of the strictest requirements of the EU market. Маzeikiu Nafta had successfully completed a number of key modernization projects at its refinery in September 2003, and the improved technologies have allowed the refinery to start producing the new top-quality 95-octane gasoline.

According to Маzeikiu Nafta General Director P. Nelson English, “Маzeikiu Nafta has noticed clear signs of growing demand for environmentally cleaner 95-grade gasoline. Meeting market demand was one of our goals, and we believe that our customers will welcome the replacement of A 95  with a cleaner-burning, fully EU-compliant gasoline. This will be Маzeikiu Nafta’s contribution to cleaner environment in Lithuania and in the other countries where we sell 95-octane gasoline.”

The environmentally friendly 95-grade gasoline contains only a fraction of the benzene found in A 95. European-standard 95-grade gasoline has less than 1% benzene, compared to the 5% found in gasoline produced under the A 95 standard. The 95 European-standard gasoline, which is being introduced  to the Lithuanian market also contains three times less sulfur—50 milligrams per kilogram, as compared to 150 milligrams in A 95.

Refined products produced by Маzeikiu Nafta are marketed by its wholly owned subsidiary Маzeikiu Nafta Trading House.

Date: October 23, 2003
Giedrius Karsokas
AB Mazeikiu Nafta
tel. +370 610 65298
fax +370 443 92579

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