Quality Analyses Center

Important information for placement of order for test services:

An order for test services shall be accepted in written form on a Client’s letterhead. The above order shall contain the following information:
1. Name of product to be tested.
2. Name of test parameter and reference of test method.
3. Quantity of samples delivered.
4. Estimated sample delivery time (sample to QA/QC Center shall be delivered by Client).
5  Means of communication preferred by Client for test results (test results shall not be e-mailed).
6. Client’s contact person and his/her phone number.
7. Information on sample remainder (store / not to store).
8. Client’s consent that the last versions of test methods used in QA/QC Center shall be applied for testing.
9. Information that payment for test services shall be executed by Client within 15 days after the invoice placement. 


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