ORLEN Lietuva is constantly improving the quality of the products it produces as well as the effectiveness of the processing of crude oil. In the year 1995 the company abandoned the production of ethyl gasolines; starting from the year 1996 the company produces high quality unleaded gasoline grades VENTUS with multifunctional additives as well as winter grade diesel fuel; in the year 1997 the company started the production of jet fuel JET A1, which fully meets the world standards; in 1999 the company started to use  multifunctional additives in order to improve the quality of diesel fuel and launched the production of motor gasoline according to LST EN 228 and diesel fuel according to LST EN 590; in 2003 the company started to produce the high quality arctic specification second class diesel fuel.

  • Gasolines:
             - unleaded octane gasoline grades 98, 95, 92; 
             -  unleaded gasoline grades VENTUS 98, VENTUS 95, VENTUS 92 with multifunctional additives; 
  •  Diesel fuels: 
            - summer- and winter grade diesel fuel , diesel fuel containing VENTUS additives, arctic specification second class diesel fuel; s 
            - marked diesel furnace fuel;
            - marked diesel for agriculture (agrodiesel);
  • Fuel oil
  • Jet fuel JET A-1; 
  • Liquefied petroleum gas
  • Bitumen :
           - paving bitumen,
           - roofing bitumen,
           - construction bitumen; 
  •  Elemental sulphur.
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