Jet Fuel JET A-1

Jet fuel, which is also called kerosene, is produced for jet engines.  Very strict quality requirements are applied to this product. It is very important to establish the corrosion activity of the fuel as well as the water quantity in it. 

Apart from the usual requirements for the fractional composition, special attention is paid to the corrosion activity of the fuel. The majority of the methods of determining the quality imitate certain conditions ideal for corrosion in which the fuel is tested using active metals such as copper and aluminium. 

The requirements to the producer to indicate which part of the product has undergone the technological process of desulphurisation (hydropurification) are related to this. 
It is necessary to note that it is almost the only product for which the quality requirements are stated before putting any additives.  
Special antistatic additives help to reduce to the minimum the possibility of the emergence of the static load during the fuel transfusion.

The determination of the quantity of water as well as its limitations is also very important for aviation fuel. The quantity of water is determined in several different ways, and the additives removing the water dissolved in oil products are added just before fuelling the planes. 
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